Go to your EAW game directory: 1. Back up your shiplist.txt file in assetsspecs. 2. This file will automatically detect where SFC2 is on your PC's harddrive. All files will go the proper place. Three new directories will appear in your assetsmodels folder ; tng, tmp, and tosmodels - each folder will have models in it. There'll be a new scr file in assetsscripts for this singleplayer mission. While playing you will see ??? for shipnames sometimes. The creator did not want to get too fancy with the files for this. The shiplist here will work only for the ships listed here: (in single player skirmish) F-SOV - Sovereign F-1701 - TMP Enterprise F-GAL - Enterprise D F-CVS+1 - TOS Enteprise F-CVL+ - Enterprise B F-AMB+ - Enteprise C R-DDX - D'Deridex Class Warbird R-VLD - Valdore Class You will not see ship descriptions in the selection screens.

Enterprise mission/mod
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