Just like the firelighting ceremony for the Olympics, Pitch has picked up the torch from TheVoodoo and continued to work on the EnhancedRealism Mod v1.4.5! For those of you that may be unfamilliar with this mod that first graced this site in November of 2004, it is an emmencly popular weapon mod that changed the reloading system, as well as made changes to the OICW, AG36, Desert Eagle (Falcon), Rocketlauncher and the Sniperrifle; It also made changes to the binoculars, Explosion radius, increased firerate for the mounted MiniGun and lots more. With this version, Pitch has made a number of changes, on top of whats been done in version 1.4.5, that will ensure that your gaming experience is truely enhanced and more realistic! No Far Cry game would be complete without having this mod installed! The downloaded file contains the readme and a self-installing exe.

Enhanced Realism mod 1.4.6
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