This is something new I just made. I'm not an expert, nor a genius, on making those TOTAL conversions and my own artwork and stuff. I just re-did some of the level and episode names. I re-did "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE" level, (now renamed "IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE") but only in one specific area. I added my own levels to episode 4 (now renamed "IN LABOR"). 8 Levels to be exact. If the secret level nuke button can be found in level 8, then you advance to the old level one of epsisode 4. Another thing I changed is the boss level in episode 3. It's no longer the annoying STADIUM level, but the ZOO level! I changed the ZOO level so that is why if you want to back up the ZOO level that you already contain, do so.

Dukey Nuke
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