Dreadnought Codex by C2C Team 1] Put the art file in 'X:\[Dawn of War Dir]\(your mod file name)\data' 2] Put attrib lua file in your mods generic file, this will replace the normal dreadnought 3] Use the Attrib Editor to link and customize the dreadnought Heres the weapon names: Melee Claws - Space_Marines_Dreadnought_fist Twin Link Heavy Bolters - space_marines_heavy_bolter Autocannons - space_marines_autocannon Assault Cannons - space_marines_assault_cannon Twin Link Lascannons - space_marines_lascannon Multi Meltas - Space_Marines_multi_melta Inferno Cannons - Space_Marines_inferno_cannon Missile Launchers - space_marines_missile_battery Notes: All weapons can be equiped on both arms, unfortunately due to coding limitations you're only allowed 4 upgrades ingame, so don't get greedy and choose carefully. Or you can make multiple variants, its up to you Credits - Icons by Red Sarge - Textures by BigFish - FX by Havoc

dreadnought codex
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