This is quite possibly the largest file I have uploaded, Even bigger then Maps And Mods for Counter-Strike, This is a WINRAR Archive put together by me and it is a music replacement for Half-Life, It's two Expansion packs or any mod you want to play on Steam Half-Life, It's the soundtracks to Doom and Doom II on PC, Doom on PlayStation or PSX, Doom and Doom II on Gameboy Advance, Doom on Sega 32X, 3DO, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and Atari Jaguar, Also included is the soundtrack to Heretic, and the soundtracks to TNT Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment Midi Pack, TNT Revilution, and Sigil. This massive 1.73GB file was "Made" by me after thinking of listening to Doom music inside Half-Life, NONE of the music included is by me, I do not take any credit whatsoever, all credits to every soundtrack is included in the readme txt of this WINRAR archive, I also mostly did this for the Doom fans out there too.

Doom And Wad Soundtrack MEGA Collection
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