The four maps that were submitted to the Doom 3 Speed Mapping Contest #1: First place: rising lava by ZizZ second place: backintime by Zombie13 third place: emo by NX-317 fourth place: aeon_reactor by D3Archi Unzip the .zip file to your doom3/base folder. Each map is in it's own pk4 file. An updated copy of "risinglava" is in the "updated maps" folder of the zip file. To run the maps type "map" in to the console and the corresponding map name: d3sm_aeon_reactor d3sm_backintime d3sm_emo d3sm_risinglava

Doom 3 Speed Mapping Contest #1 Maps

reactor was the one i found to be the most promising one, id deff wanna play that as a full map :)

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