Do not download this. Do not extract "zzzq3gmt.pk3" into your 'baseq3' folder, and for the love of our God-Emperor, DO NOT fire the grenade launcher in-game! -(something i made while trying to get acquainted with Blender)

Don't do it...
BF2all - - 1,151 comments

OK, i didn't download it, SO what can i do now hahaha

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CannerZ45 Author
CannerZ45 - - 136 comments

Be thankful for our God-Emperor. You are safe. You aren't touched by the chaos god of change and trickery. (if you have no idea what this comment is all about, just pretend you know W40k and move on. :P)

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BF2all - - 1,151 comments

Thankfully, the fortune never dragged me in arena shooters and chaos you talking about.
But on the other hand the things you made, like the comical mod looks very interesting.
Please, don't get lost in the warhammer universe :)

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Guest - - 699,558 comments

oops i did all the things... im very confused

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gordonfreeman3525 - - 289 comments

I downloaded it and my computer caught fire WTF

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