You are one of the many soldiers that were used in an experiment to test the functionality of the teletransportation machine, one more of those that never came back. You were killed in another dimension by demons and your meat was recycled together between the bundle of leftovers of others wretched like you to create zombie soldiers with the objective of exterminate the humanity under telepatic orders from demons. But your mind, for some reason, couldn't be altered. You wake up between the bloody leftovers of your fallen comrades, in one of the many facilities where the monsters "process" the meat to form their own soldiers. It's your chance to stop the production destroying the "factory" from the inside; that is, if you don't get killed again.


any progress on this?

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00_Zombie_00 Author

Very slowly, I will do the maps.
For the moment I am making a large size map.

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You're a UAC Space Marine who was in the process of turning into a Zombieman, but you still have control over your body. That's a very unique premise to your WAD. I can't wait for the final result!

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