Designated Days Scrapped Map: Testing Build 1.0 More informations can be found in the lastest article.

Designated Days: Testing Build 1.0

I played a few rounds and my review follow:

It's a nicely done map, i like how the units and vehicles are scripted. I like how they follow the "way". I also enjoyed the diversity between phase 1 and phase 2 clones, and between Heavy Marines and 187th legion guys.

It's always plesant to play with these detailed units models, particulary the Rebel Fighter one.

Playing as the Clone Turbo Tank was really fun (that orbital strike is well done indeed), but i wish it's rockets deal more damage.
I know this map was scrapped, but fully localized name is always a plus.

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The maps nice, the troopers look cool and there's a cool story. But I found it very frustrating because I kept dying too much, sometimes I found my only chance of capturing a command post was to just keep running even then I was getting constantly killed, it got very frustrating.

I think it would be better with less enemies or more clones or, even having more powerful weapons and maybe even a hero so I don't keep dying all them time. A few small changes and this mod will be great.

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