An obvious sequel to Demons of Problematique. No cutscenes (aside from the ending), no new weapons, no new monsters, just Doom. With some fancy effects. Be sure to turn up the music volume to above the SFX volume. Music is used sparingly but serves a purpose other than just background noise. There are plenty of ambient sounds to provide atmosphere during regular play. If you are masochistic enough to want to subject yourself to the Nightmare! difficulty level, you can do so by entering the Hard level teleporter from the backside. Requires GZDoom using it's OpenGL renderer, using the software renderer will not work. Looks best with dynamic lights enabled, shader options turned on and fog enabled. It was designed specifically for these settings, so the appearance of levels may not be the same if some of these one of these settings are disabled.

Demons of Problematique 2

This mapset is amazing as was it's predecessor and anybody who turns them down is insane. I wish there was a DoP 3, 4, 5 or even a megawad!

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