Hello, I proudly present my best and most complex creation to date, and also my last. This map is for Counter Strike 1.6 The map took over 3 weeks to make, that means: mapping modeling texturing sound sprites planing designing and optimizing. The map is as u see, a noir looking, dark atmospheric map with meanings to it. I hope you enjoy it, here is The story. In the dystopian city, there lie symbols of ideals and and acts which made the city the way it is now. A colorless, soulless ruin with a lifeless population. But a group of people, seek to change the societys view, and bring back what it has forgotten. Freedome! Terrorists: Destroy the oposing forces main building (A), or destroy the symbol of the city rulers, presented in the garden (B) Counter Terrorists: Stop the freedome fighters from destroying your main (spawn) building or the symbol in the garden. --END-- Map created by: NaitsirK K.F Please comment, and have fun :)

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