This addon is intended to deal with what would appear to be incorrectly entered Armour Piercing values for some abilities/weapons. It is offered as a separate addon to the Dark Crusade Bugfix Mod because installing it will have balance implications. Please read the readme (below, and included in the .zip) for a full explanation. The addon does the following: - Imperial Guard General's Stafing Run ability damage vs all infantry and infantry_heavy armour increased 3x - Imperial Guard Psyker's Lightning Arc ability damage vs infantry_heavy_high armour increased 1.5x - Eldar Harlequin's Riveblade damage vs commander armour increased 3x - Tau Crisis Suit Missile Pod damage vs vehicle_light armour increased 1.4x, and damage vs vehicle_medium increased 1.2x - Imperial Guard Hellhound Inferno Cannon damage vs structure_light armour increased 2x

DC Bugfix Mod - Armor Piercing Fix Addon v26a
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