TO BEGIN WITH THIS IS NOT A REALISM MOD IN ANY WAY. IT IS A REALITY MOD FOR EACH WEP IN COD2. This is the final version of the cod2 -=DBD=- Reality mod from our mohsh and coduo servers. with a few minor adjustments. First after the coduo reality was released a new wep for the russians was introduced the pps42 well i dug high and low and couldnt find anything on this model so i used the specs from the pps41 which is the original wep and from what i can find it is the same wep as the first. AGAIN BE AWARE THAT THESE WEAPONS WERE MADE FOR ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY TO KILL THE ENEMY. if you are reading this then you unzipped the file already, so put the iwd in the main folder or the folder with your other files and restart the server and enjoy the carnage. -=DBD=- Death Before Dishonor Division No Man Gets Left Behind. -=DBD=- The Lead Peddler

DBDpeddlers realityv4
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