I am really excited to present you Dawn of Dead Island (DoDI) Mod. It makes the game feel more like STALKER in terms of gameplay, meaning that it is still an RPG but without leveling and with some skills that you will be allowed to process from the start (like being able to stomp a head and not having to wait for 15 levels in order to be able). So it really is up to the player's skill to survive. Also I tried to tone up the survival aspect of the game and change it from a beat em up zombie to a more survival zombie game.

Dawn of Dead Island

I'll second that, this mod really takes the game in the direction I would have liked to see Vanilla go!

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This mod is really good, takes the game in more of a survival horror direction.

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I installed it by copying the files from the DoDi Data folder and placed into the original Data folder but it isn't working

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