I had decided to take a little rest after unsuccesfully finding the Darkstone Gem and unfortunately doing some errands for the Keepers when Artemus came to my appartment. According to him, the dagger that the rich fellow 'gifted' me was being used as a tracking device. Scary. Since I'm not someone to be told what to do or be spied on I found a better use for the dagger in the pawn's shop. Apparently its magic turned it into golden coins, which really unsettled me for a little while. I had planned to go to the man's house for another briefing but considering what the Keepers told me, I'm not willing to take the risk of knocking on the front door and explain things so I might as well invade his lordship's privacy, find some information and take the gemstone for myself. Artemus, always useful, pointed me to a sewer where he left me some equipment and more information on the Dark Sect. Sounds like the perfect place to start my visit to the local nobility...

Darkstone Gem chapter 2 part 1 of 4
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