Heavily scar-scripted scenario map, by Dark40k. Saved from

Dark40K Debarq v.1 DOW:DC scenario

Played this with the unification mod. And it's near impossible. After every major attack I've made, using full cap population and with all my units. they just get decimated in mere seconds.

After around 20mins of just grinding to take the first position, using the overwatch ability and constant bombardment on the enemy positions. My units were only able to taken one control point.

The enemy army replenishes in what seems like seconds. They have replaced all their lost tanks, infantry and heavy equipment and have rebuilt all their frontline buildings. The Ai then pushes back my weaken forces as I cannot compete with the AI their insanely cheating replenishment.

Then it's back to square one. Like nothing has happened. Needs to be a way to nerf the Ai.

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