The Khoonda plains were the area on the planet Dantooine that were the location of the Matale estate—which later was rebuilt and came to be known as Khoonda, the seat of the Dantooine government after the Jedi Civil War. The plains were near the Jedi Enclave, and were the access point of the crystal cave. During the First Jedi Purge, the plains were the site of the Battle of Khoonda. The area was inhabited by kinrath, kath hounds and Humans from the nearby Khoonda settlement.

Dantooine (KotOR II conversion)
Borono - - 50 comments

Thanks for this fantastic map!!!! :)

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NiiRubra - - 472 comments

While I loved this place in the Kotor games, I feel like it doesn't quite translate well to Battlefront II, with lots of open spaces that have no cover (hey, it's all plains and farmland, right?), it is unfortunate that we can't go inside the buildings either, though I guess that's just how it is with the source map. Still a pretty cool looking map that should feel very nostalgic for fans of the series, worth checking out!

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