This is a standard CTF symmetrical map. Was featured in the 'fake' classless Guard Dog update. It consists of 2 moving rocket carriers racing side by side through the desert. The map idea and name was inspired from a UT2K4 map, however this map features a completely original design created specifically for TF2 CTF gameplay. Note that this is NOT a remake/port of any existing maps. V2.0 Updates: Overview: In this new update, a couple exploits have been fixed, as well as some major adjustments have been made to give a better class balance. A lot more cover has been added to make it less friendly to snipers, and a closer bridge has been added to benefit slower classes. Overall this version is more goal-oriented, and more balanced for all classes.

CTF Convoy v2

Aww man this is A great map, used to play on it alot! :D

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TheUnbeholden Author

Can you provide me a list of great custom maps you've played over the years, perhaps even upload some place maps that I'm having trouble finding a working for now like koth_aurora, ctf_bedrock, ctf_converge, ctf_deliverance.

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