A mappack which was originally designed for csdoom 3, and later was adapted for csdmo. It can also be played on vanilla doom or other mod's which are compatible with custom maps. It contains 6 singleplayer and 7 multiplayer maps. Also, includes a bunch of unused textures in case people want to make custom maps with (or for) this mappack. Now updated with 7 more maps, made originally for csdmo.

"CSD3 Mappack" Standalone file (22/11/21)

This games are free or no

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AlphaEnt Author

All of my mod's are free. However, you need to get a copy of Doom 2 wad or something similar. How to get that it's up to you.

I don't earn any money from this, though. Just do it 'cause i like to mod doom.

It's like a passion, been doing it for 11 years and I think i'm gonna keep doing it for some more years. or at least, until i can keep continue to do it.

I'm trying to find a good way to accept donations/tips though. No kickstarter, no patreon.

For now i don't handle internet money, so I don't care that much about it. Yet, I want to make it clear that my mod's are free and will continue to be free, I don't get paid for it and if you found a page that does it, then someone else is making money at my work without my knowledge.

Everything I upload on Moddb is free to download, as well as backups uploaded on mega and early access i share on Facebook and discord.

I hope i've answered clearly to your question.

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Can you post a tutorial on how to run this? I can't seem to figure it out.

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You just basically run the .pk3 file with your port. For example, I am actually using Gzdoom and I just drag the .pk3 file into the gzdoom application or gzdoom.exe

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AlphaEnt Author

Upcoming update with 7 new maps.

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