--A WORD FROM ROBERT-33-- "Circumstances" have meant that I've had to release this episode much too early, (It should have had another 6 months of "rush development") means that many of the mod's more ambitious features had to be dropped. NB: This mod is beta for a reason! It may cause unforseen problems with your Far Cry installation or worse; so be warned. (See 'Issues.') Cryptic is an adventure style game that sees you wandering environments, pressing buttons and stuff. It is episodic, with the playable character switching with each episode. ===================================== General: The game can be quicksaved by pressing F6. Korama will contact you regularly, offering advice etc. Remember to press TAB to see your task list. ===================================== Issues: Cryptic changes default player model. Minor teleport bugs. The character descriptions are a little short to read. Sorry. New game menu messed up. (Bad scripting) Some bugs in Episode 2 teaser. (Sound problems,

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