In the 1930s, a small town in southern China was filled in, in a half-height old house, living in Xiao Song (Song Li) and his aunt, Song Xin. The two depended on the small cake shop opened in front of the house to make a living. The biscuits made were delicious and cheap, and they won the praise of everyone. The money they earned was only enough for Xiaosong to study and maintain a basic life, mainly because many people lived after the war. It is very difficult. Although the cake made by Song Xin is popular with everyone, they are very self-denying and the price is low, so there is not much money. In addition to class, Xiao Song will help his aunt to make cakes and shop. Before the Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty was well-known in the Mainland. The family adhered to the "ritual" festival in China and created many cheats for making cakes. A simple piece of cake reflects the family, the heart, the friendship, and the cup. Although a piece of cake is an invaluable thing, if people keep the

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