Simply copy all files from into your Duke Nukem 3d directory (after unzipping). Then type "Complex" to play. This will bring you to Duke3d Setup, from which you can play single or multiplayer games. To play a single player game, hit "Save settings and launch Duke Nukem 3d". Select "NEW GAME", then "COMPLEX", then any difficulty setting (doesn't matter). To play a multiplayer game, do the same things as you would normally do and play the first 3 levels of the first episode. THIS WILL NOT PERMANENTLY CHANGE ANY PART OF YOUR COPY OF DUKE NUKEM 3D. If, for some reason, you are playing COMPLEX and the program is terminated before it completes itself, certain changes will not be made to reset DN3D back to how it was before play began. If this happens, the simple solution is to just run COMPLEX again and make sure that it entirely finishes.

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