Hi again! Fluff mod team here! If you downloaded our previous pack then you should know what to do just follow the new instructions in this pack. For those of you wh have not D/L our previous pack read all! These are files which are ment for expanding your mod. So do not put them in actual Dark Crusade, as it will mess up multiplayer. I have been given permission to use these models, thanks to Medes and the C2C team. I expect most of you have allready got these files ingame on your mod anyway, but oh well these are for those of you who have not got your own mod. This third pack is 'Helmeted Librarian' instruction on how to install are below. Note: I say again do not install these to your normal W40K folder as this will cause multiplayer to crash or something. The Space Marine Librarian (Helmeted) Is also split into more than one folder. Open "Librarian Folder". Librarian Textures folder contents goes into: C:\Program Files\Dawn Of War Dark Crusade\My_mod\Data\Art\EBPs\races\space_ma

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