You play as Ortis, an adventurer and explorer. The story takes place in the same universe as Thief but in a different location.Cryptic incidents, unexplained and mysterious events. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for those... It so happens that one of them has captured my curiosity and lured me into a remote village far north. The people here are in a bit of a predicament and they’re starting to turn on each other out of despair. Once every few days someone winds up missing without a trace. Always happens at night, nobody ever sees it. The intriguing part about this is how they choose to explain it. On a hill a few miles east of the village stands an old wooden house, locked up and abandoned from what the sources say. The locals are convinced it is somehow tied to it. I'll go pay it a visit tonight and I'll see what I can find. Deserted houses rarely make me uncomfortable but this one might just come close...

Coaxing the Spirit v1.1
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