also available for: Windows 7 - Linux This may well be the coolest doom 3 project on the planet right at this moment. this group is converting all of the original maps from Kneedeep in the dead into doom3 maps. a few of the maps are done and playable and let me tell you, this project kicks ass. Going into this was like revisiting an old friend who just had a face lift and a nose job. Check out the screenies I took from maps e1m1, e1m3 and e1m4 (so to speak). Seriously, you are going to love this!

Classic Doom 3 [Version: Linux]

It's is old and closed for a lot of time man :/

Check The Dark Mod for coolest thingy, also Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer's Key, Doom 3: S.T.A.R 1088, Sikkmod, Mars City Security, Phobos, Hexen, Last Man Standinc Co-Op, Torn, Synergy... Hell, there's a lot of cool stuff for such a old good game :)

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