Man the walls, defend the fortress in this five-player skirmish map designed for one vs all - Demo version 0.93 by delsols - There was a slight wall glitch due to overstacking so I went back and revamped the walls for the 0.93 update. Still learning stuff.

Cirith Ungol

It looks good, downloaded.

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Help Please!!!
how do I install this map???

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its so easy to instal, go to c:\users\(your windowsusername)\appdata\roaming

then look for the folder of the game.
go to maps folder and create a new folder named Cirith Ungol
copy in it the files that you have downladed.
then go to mapspreviews and copy again in that folder the "tga" file.

If it doesnt work, try to do a copy of that file named "Cirith Ungol_pic"

Tested with Btfme 1 and 2, and 6 mods. Awesome map ;D

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map looks good, but unstable (crashed 10mins in & lags if max zoomed out; no resource buildings to make; some buildings don't have a purpose (the Morgul Units structure - only Morgul Riders, no orcs); tested on Edain mod;

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