And he took the goblet, thanked everyone, and said: "Take this and share it among yourselves". "I say this to you: Henceforth, I do not drink the bounty of the vineyard, before into Gods Kingdom I go. And he took the bread, thanked everyone, broke the bread, and gave it to his disciples and said, "This is my body, that will be given in behalf of you. Please, do it for my memory." In the same way he blessed the wine from WOODEN GOBLET. After the meal he said, "This goblet is a symbol of my blood, what will be sacrificed on your behalf." After Jesus death, disciples retained the Holy Grail, for his memory. Later it becamed the holy symbol of a Christian church. Now, after 1000 years, the legendary Holy Grail is kept in the St. Michael's Cathedral. Felix has located the Holy Grail and he has a customer who would pay so dearly for it that you could retire as a very wealthy man! This is the version 1.02 of Circle of Strain 3. This version contains multi language support...

Circle of Strain 3 v1.02
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