Chicken Vs. Avisodomist Model Pack DeadFrog ( Get more models and read about minty new developments at: Thanks to: My opposable thumb implants. Two models for the price of one... The Mastermind: They've oppressed your people long enough. Now it's time for revenge. With the systems built by the genius Black Mesa test lab escapee Chicken #415F, you've become one of many fighters of the poultry revolution. It's your job to help raid the Black Mesa compound for more vital equipment in order to increase your ranks. You've got an advantage: Most security guards that see you initially experience sensory overload. They're just not used to chickens riding shotgun-toting farmer corpses... The Avisodomist: With the chickens striking fear into all that try to stop them, you are the main force keeping them from eventually enslaving mankind. Due to your odd... 'habits'... chickens are struck with mortal terror, giving you time to mow them...



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