The World has changed. The Earth and it's People are Crying out for answers. The Keepers usually unseen unless they choose to be seen have placed glyphs throughout the lands. The Glyphs not unseen by Garrett, steal his curiosity. The Hammerites have increased their activities, and for some unknown reasons have established themselves once again, in the "The Haunted Cathedral" Now Excorcised, the Hammers have gathered to do "Thy Builders Work" The Cathedral and it's Shrines, hold memory of Saint Yora, Saint Jenel, Saint Tennor, and Saint Vale. The Victorious Saints who continually fight the evil in the World. Meteor's and Comet's are frequenting the night skies. The Moon has turned red ,and rumbles of earthquakes stir great fear into the hearts of men. Last night at the Taffer's Tavern, Fingers the Fingerman spoke a little too loudly, mentioning something about something "suspicious" at the old institution. Garrett's keen sense drives him further,

Cataclysmic Final v1.3
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