Cameth brin, the old Capital of Rhudaur. Fallen during the conquest of Rhudaur by the witch king you can give some suggestions to add... :)

Cameth Brin

Nice work!
Make sure to update the MU link also ;)

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lord_ellessar Author

Yes I did :) what do you think about the little map ? It was completely improvised and it look nice I think :)

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one bug is that the starting soldiers appear on the mountain

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a lovely created map but not very playable:
1) the camera is very close to the ground which makes it though to see
2) creeps don't attack nor can they be attacked (both players)
3) the city's pathfinding is awful, mostly units just refuse to move
4) nice city but hard to find everything at first
5) the top player has arnor buildplots in the middle of the map, is this intended? so it in an arnor v arnor map?

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