Newdark 1.23 REQUIRED. This is your city. A black-caped lord, you survey your domain from the rooftops with pensive, cynical eyes. They are analytical eyes. Like camera shutters, they slice and assess every footfall on the midnight cobbles below. You time every pendulous swing of the lanterns and evaluate every fitful throw of shadow from one end of the street to the other. Your ears unconsciously decipher the sullen echoes of voices, machinery and wind. This is a city of metronomes where chimney pots sway to the ancient gurgle of pipes whose forlorn songs rise from throats of incurable decay. You gauge the lonely armored scrape of each city watchman as a matter of habit, for there is machination in thievery. And timing is everything. You have internalized the rhythm of movement and non-movement, the play of shadows, down to your very own pulse.

Calendra's Cistern v2c (NewDark)
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