This mod contains only the the Brutal Doom 64 monsters and some extra effects such as torches and other decorations. For compatibility with BD64 Maps the demon artefacts, unmaker and lasergun are still present. N.B. Outside of the BD64 Maps these can only be obtained with cheats.

Brutal Doom 64 Monsters (GZDoom Only)

This is really good.

But I had to point out that I can adquire the Unmaker if I use IDKFA. With is really buggy.

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swc132994 Author

The unmaker, lasergun and demon keys are still in the mod to maintain compatability with brutal doom 64 maps. Otherwise you end up with exclamation marks in the maps where these items are supposed to be.
If not playing with the BD64 maps then the only way to obtain them is with cheats. The weapon scripts have changed so they are not tied to a player class or override any other weapons.

If you want to use the unmaker powered up then you need to give yourself the demon keys using the command console:
Summon wpnpower1
Summon wpnpower2
Summon wpnpower3

If you don't want these weapons, use the drop command.

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Forgot to say here, as tatalles said this is really good.

Yes, this is so damn good, thank you so much for letting us, who also love brutal doom 64 monsters to play with any other weapons mod as well, as any playable wad on doom 2 or doom 64 map wad.

Thank you so much, stay safe and good luck to you swc132994, as for everyone else.

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I noticed a bug when playing this mod with the latest version of Guncaster; while the headshot hitboxes for zombiemem and imps will still show up on Target Spy, actually shooting them in the head has no effect.

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swc132994 Author

I believe this has to with different damage type sets being different between BD64 from which this mod is based and guncaster.
I am currently working on BD64 v2.5 R31 at the moment and it has truned into a major rework. After it is released, this mod would be quite outdated and would need a complete rework. At that time I will take a look at see if anything can be done about the the head hitboxes.

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