Multiplayer bonus map pack (5).

Bonus Maps

I love this game. It was the first game I ever played online PvP for extended periods for several months and have always considered it one of the best FPS games from the mid noughties; especially the jungle based maps and even in 2021 it still looks decent, especially the jungle maps.

Sadly there are rarely if any servers running these days; but I'm intending to set up a weekend server that will be turned on every Friday evening (UK time) until Monday morning 8am UK time.

I set up a Steam Men of Valor group as soon as it was released on Steam back in 2017. I'd actually just purchased a job lot of 16 hard copies a few weeks before (got them dirt cheap at £1 a pop) not knowing that it was about to be released on Steam.

That said, the Steam version does have issues where you have to verify the game every time you want to play it and you cannot set up a map rotation if you want to set up a server, which you have to do on a separate computer with a second copy of the game, which I have. My original intention was to send most of the spare copies out to friends I play cooperatively with so that we could explore some of the bigger maps, that really require at least 12 or more players for them to be worth playing due to their large size. Last time I played one of the biggest maps about a decade ago, there were only me and three other players; basically 2 v2. In the half hour the map ran I never came across either of the two enemies simply because the map was so large.

I'll post a note when I finally get around to setting up a weekend server. I've just given away the computer I was going to use, but have another one, but it will need it's RAM upgrading from 4 to at least 8GB if I wish to run a game with at least 12 to 16 slots.

I will also post a link to the Steam group in the hope that eventually there will be enough community members to play the game regularly.

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Great game

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