Removes vigor drain completely from blocking/parrying attacks. Also has two versions, one that removes the delay before Stamina regeneration so that it keeps you blocking when out of stamina and one that decreases the delay but you will still get hurt without level 2 parry (and hurt from behind without level 1 parry), knocked down by enemy charges/shield bashes and the block still doesn't work on monsters. In default Witcher 2 EE you block With a full vigor, you have a decent chance of absorbing all damage, but sometimes you would receive damage (something to do with armor, vigor bonuses, etc.) usually ranging from 35-50% damage reduction. With a depleted vigor damage reduction value drops to about 25-35% when the attack gets through. With parry level 2 you will always block 100% damage unless your vigor is depleted and without vigor you will still block more damage than usual at 50%. Just copy abilities folder to The Witcher 2\CookedPC .

Blocking Without Vigor Drain v1.1
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