I'll start with the house itself. The house itself has several rooms, all perfect for storage and filled with armour and weapons. On the shelves you can find unique weapons (Mace of Molag-Bal) armour such as Ebony and Glass, unique clothing (The Deceiver’s Finery) and many a set of novice through to master Alchemy Apparatus. There is also you're own personal merchant to buy/sell with. But the house is only the beginning! There is a door behind the house, enter it and you'll find yourself in a series of tunnels filled with doors. Each door leads to things that every house needs. There's a prison, a few merchants, lots of storage rooms, Guards in most interiors, and a transport system! That's right the transport system can lead you to several places. Though confusing to begin with, you will soon get the hang of the transportation system. Also contained within these tunnels are private rooms (for visitors I think) and an inn.

Black Forest Manor - Final
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