3 maps by Bishop.Duke is sent to a space station (The Reliance) with the news that a deadly virus has killed everyone aboard. The aliens that are taking over Earth, have found a vaccine against this virus, and they can live in the presence of it, so they take over the space station for their own good. Duke finds out from a scientist back on Earth, that a simple dose of a drug known as Cephtin can cause the body to become immune to the virus. He is given a dose of this drug, and is told that it only lasts for a short amount of time. He then makes it to the space station aboard a small space car that takes him to the docking tunnel, the place in which you start. Our hero's orders are to eliminate the Aliens forces and to destroy the space station before the virus gets out of hand. He must do this by opening up the only escape pod remaining, located in the reactor room of the station.

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