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Fanastic map pack. All six maps are brilliant. My favorite is the 64 player version of Stalingrad. Playing on the USA side there's nothing greater than manning the gun emplacements near the top of the beach, waiting for the MEC to arrive on their dinghies, shooting some out of the water and keeping the MEC assault restricted to the beach. Watch out for those RPG s though as they try to dislodge you from your emplacement.

It's also a lot of fun doing the beach landing on the MEC side. You have to play the 64 player map to be able to do both of the above as the 32 and 16 player maps have the crossing out of bounds. If you get the Stalingrad Snow version, there's no 64 player map as whoever modded it mistakenly placed the 32 map in the 64 slot. Pity as i like the snow version apart from the lack of the 64 player SP version. :(

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