Ever wondered what the point is of Junk Rounds perk? Spend ages playing the game, picking up ever piece of scrap metal and tin can... only to find that most of tin cans are actually bent tin cans & therefore useless? The recipe only allowed you to replace primers/powder which is kind of useless considering you still need cases and they are more rare! In the end only being able to make 50 or so rounds after 5+ hours of gameplay! Be pissed off no more! For now on the recipes no longer require cases! Instead you can create the cases (and quite alot to) from 1 tin can or 1 scrap metal and you can turn bent tin cans into straight ones. You can create alot more cases with scrap metal but tin cans weigh less. Enjoy, comment and rate.

Better Junk Rounds Perk
TheUnbeholden Author

It made no sense realism wise before anyway. How could you make only 1 round from 5 tin cans and 1 scrap metal? When physically you would have alot more metal to play with... also if the logic is that your breaking down the tin cans to get thermite as the replacement for gunpowder, it would be useless for a gun because thermite requires a much higher ignition point and would destroy your gun. So not only was the perk poorly balanced but it was also unrealistic... until now.

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TheUnbeholden Author

It would make sense though to be able to make junk shotgun shells. Substituting the hull with paper. Because paper shells with enough thickness are actually better than the plastic as they are far more durable during hot/cold weather and even in wet conditions, almost as good as the brass kind. But I guess this doesn't matter as much because we are never short on 12 or 20 gauge hulls, it would be only for mass producing it.

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