Here's the mod - it raises the stack size of most inventory items to 255 per stack, and makes things that usually don't stack (beer/wine, grenades) also stack to 255. Later on if I'm feeling ambitious I'll see if I can raise the stack size to 9999 or something retardulous. The mod is for DXHR v1.1.622.0 via Steam - I don't know if it will work with cracked/bootleg copies. If/when Eidos patches the game, I'll have to update the mod to reflect their changes, so if they patch, expect this mod to break. If the mod breaks, you don't lose anything that's stacked high, you just won't be able to add to any existing stacks, and new stacks will get created, and if you drop a "superstack", when you pick it back up, it'll split into normal stacks of 1/2/5/20/50 - whatever the default stack size is for the item.

Better Inventory v1.1 (v1.1.622.0)
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