THE STORY ========= The "poor" Foreman family's house has been raid again. This time by some gangsters. The Foreman family has just bought a villa near the beach to get away from their stresses after the terrible hostage situation that took place in their main home at 235 N. Tigertail Road, RD 813 a couple weeks ago. Mrs. Foreman has been undergoing an intensive psychological therapy due to the amount of stress she has suffered since the last attack. We just got a 911 call from Mr. Foreman, saying that their house has been raid by some gangsters. He also said that Mrs. Foreman seems to go *crazy* and picked up a shotgun and started shooting at him (and not the gangsters). It appears that Mrs. Foreman got Stockholm Syndrome. We then heard a loud bang, sounds like a gunshot, and the phone went dead. We are afraid that Mr. Foreman might have been shot.

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