"Its Howdie Doodie time kiddies, the baaaaaaaad man is here!" Now that I'm getting into B2's code, I am making adjustments to make it a more enjoyable experience, and in this case, more informative. Ever wanted to test out your ping on a server but had that frag bar right in your way? I have. So(after much searching and code reading), I have been able to place da frag bar flush left of da game screen; opposite da weapons bar. Da original sized bar fight nicely in 800 res and above, yet I found that many BBer's play at 640. I have accomodated these players by making da bar's width smaller. This also means you have less room for your player's name. After your ping reading, you have around 10 to 12 visible slots. If you're name is longer than that, expect it to only fully show in da messages(i.e. player to player messages, death/kill messages from da server). To toggle simply press da TAB key. You'll also notice da crosshair is also fully functional, which initially wasn't so.

BB Imp Works
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