INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just place the pk3 file inside your base folder. DESCRIPTION: A very simple map based on Mygeeto as seen in the Episode III and the xbox game of the same title. The map can be played as FFA but has been designed for CTF using the mirrored layout. BUGS: some invisible walls under the main structures, and yes if you stand still the dust just hangs in the air... bah! I think this is the longest pause in mapping I have taken in the three/four years i have been releasing maps for the JKA community, so um.... well.. sorry for not doing more LOL! I wanted to do so much more with this map, but time constraints this year have made working on anything JKA related very hard, so I made this little CTF/FFA map based on mygeeto blah thats it! hope you like it.

Battlefield (Mygeeto) - Jedi Academy mp

Star Wars BATTLEFRONT! not Battlefield anyway neat map!

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