You are Batman, Gotham City's Dark Hero. One night you are flying overhead in the stealthy Batplane to investigate reports of major disturbances in downtown Gotham when out of nowhere the plane is hit by an unknown force sending sparks flying thorugh the cockpit. You realize that the plane's going down but are able to steer it towards an nearby construction site closed down for the night. You eject and glide away from the stricken vehicle as it crashes and explodes far below in the midst of various equipemnt. Breathing a sigh of relief that no one (including yourself) was killed you glide silently to the top of a nearby building wondering who took a shot at you. Dropping to the ground you hear an explosion of gunfire from all over the block and realize there is some major firepower being unleashed in the streets. You know by now, Gotham PD is on the scene and you will help as much as possible, but most of your equipment is gone with the jet so getting out safely is a priority..

Batman Demo
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