Hi Stalkers ! Here it is an addon to add counters for good ammo for 1.5.1 only Total compatibility with weapons addon.

Bart's Good Ammo Counters 2.1 For 1.5.1

Hey, thanks for the mention of my HUDs!
I have made sure to also mention your mod in my HUDs, it will appear in the description as a "Recommended Mod".

I only have one question; is there compatibility for Old Dog HUD itself? Or it's compatible as-is?
Link to the mod in question;

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Bartoche70 Author

Hi, no tested but certainly no, because i must do a compatibility patch for each, the maingame xml file must be according. i see that and i 'll upload a CP shortly...

After test, i can say Old Dog HUD should'nt be used with my addon, because a big texture is dedicated to ammo counters at right.

It is possible, i can display BGAC instead of this texture, but i think it would'nt be very interesting for Olg dog HUD users. If you want i can do a CP; but just if you want

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Hey, I think a CP for "Old Dog HUD" would be fine, and yeah it's true that it won't look as good because of the artistic style that Old Dog has but, if people want it, there's no problem giving it despite the minor style conflict, right?

I think just above the "Belt Icon" UI will do, or maybe even below it, you'll see fit.

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I'm using this alongside SidHUD which has its own ammo counter option, and I like this mod's version because it's clearer and more readable than SidHUD's ammo counters! However, this mod's counters conflict with the vanilla status icons, and they clip into the counters in an unsightly way, like this:

Do you happen to have any suggestions of what I can do about it? Thanks so much for your effort and for sharing your mod with us!

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