a Medium map shaped like a heart, another valentines day gag, er i mean gift. Ammo is not as widely available, conserving ammo and avoiding conflict will contribute to victory more than spamming bullets and taking every shot. Definitely not made for vehicles, though they are available, the terrain is very uneven and there are no designated driving roads. Designed to play with all game modes. Team based modes pits APR and UFLL against each other from the left and right sides of the heart to the center. CTD is along the left to right line, and around the perimeter. TDM is outside to center & any time anywhere. Uprising focuses on the top to bottom line along the center. Enjoy! happy valentines day!

Barren Heart

Hey Judo, I didn't mean to be rude about this map when we played. It's just not really my kind of map, and I was frustrated for other reasons at the time. As for some input; you could either use terrain smooth to make everything accessible by foot, or make all of the ledges steep enough that they can clearly not be climbed. I also suggest that you work on make some smooth roads so you can get around easier with a car; especially in the middle section. More detail is always nice too, but if it jeopardizes the look you are going for don't worry about it.

I didn't vote btw.

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HotNirvanaJudoTrend Author

actually, im right on that. i have a lot to cover, after just one session in that map.

i realized almost right away what you're saying about the terrain. the goal was to make it similar to Soldier of Fortune II RMG outdoor maps.

after i smooth parts of the terrain and make some of the hills more like walls, i'll also add more rocks for cover, and change it to a night map.

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ahh they just keep coming

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