(Authors Note) The first one has been never released, because I've lost it and, well, it was made in 1996 by means of DEU 2.0. Besides, as you can allegedly imagine, it was quite rudimentary - I was 14 years old then. So why would I return to editing Doom levels ? Primarily I've come back to playing Doom due to the Brutal Doom engine, which is truly magnificent (putting all the gore aside). Basically I've never played such a wonderful and action-packed mod before. EVER. Then I figured out, that I could make an attempt at creating a brand new level with a, comparing to DEU, comprehensive tool - Doom Builder. It was just a matter of being reminded of the 20th DOOM 2 anniversary and reading "Masters of Doom" and being inspired by John Romero in particular. Afterwards you can see the whole picture - inspiration for creativity galore. So all my credits and warmest thanks go to John Romero and I would like to dedicate this level to him.

Azrael's Second Level

Another map that I overlooked until now.

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