You got a strange note under your door 2 nights ago to meet a stranger at the Fatted Calf. When you arrived you saw he was a hunched over sad looking man who dragged his left leg. It was from Prince Augustine. Evidently many years ago there was a duel between Augustine and the then Prince Robert for the hand of Lady Veronica. Knowing Prince Augustine was the stronger man, Robert had a local sorcerer drug Augustine so that he could hardly stand on his own for the duel. Robert then hit Augustine time and time again with a heavy mace and Augustine was so injured he was not supposed to live. He did live but has a noticeable limp and has no use of his left hand. Augustine wants revenge and will pay you handsomely to break into Lord Robert's manor and steal his prize possession - his stash. It is hidden somewhere on the top floor...

Augustines Revenge
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