Hello this is my first map. if you have any feedback please tell me.

asylum outbreak

Just downloaded it, I'll give it a try.

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My honest critique: First of all, this map could definitely benefit from some lighting, the fullbright was hurting my eyes the entire time. The first two combine officers you encounter seem to not notice you until you attack them first, which is odd. One of them also seems to be stuck in the wall. Also, I didn't figure out there was a crowbar on the ground until after I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to break that window, so putting that in a more obvious spot would of been a good idea. Also, there seems to be no purpose to the squad following you, as they just stay stuck in that starting area. I also noticed a leak in the map, as a wall was not connected to the floor in a certain area. The map also seems to have no ending, as you reach the final room and nothing happens. The level design in itself is nothing to really talk about either, as it just consists of a bunch of hallways.

Other than that, I think the map being a asylum outbreak and escape is a really cool idea, and when you get more experience in Hammer you should totally remake this. Hope you appreciate this feedback!

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MrDerp21 Author

Hey thanks for the comment It helped motivate me to remake this map. The remake IS out btw, and I think it's pretty good. (I know I'm late lol)

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