Fully support custom AI no need to go battle need to get good enemy. :) I Created AI too because some people like fill empty slots them and get good enemy. PLEASE COME TO OFFICIAL ARTHAS ARENA 2 WEBSITE You are welcome to talk new strategys, making suggestions etc. - Air Battles. - Sea Battles. - Every player have own shipyard. - 5 Races. - Each race is little diffirent experiense. (You can fill orc burrow with peons in start etc...) - 20 Tiers. - AI support. - AI know how to tier. - AI know how to build. - AI buy items. - AI build tower. - AI Use heroes and learn new skills. - AI retreat. - Weapon Upgrade (50 times upgradable if I remember corretly). - Armor Upgrade (50 times upgradable if I remember corretly). - Center own castle and that castle you can capture to help you. - 33 items. - Mercenarys. This is Arthas Arena 2! :) More advanced and better than succesful Arthas Arena. I recommend to support good work with comments etc. Community is also needed that effort to this map not go...

Arthas Arena 2 v1.50
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