To cut the story short, we got even more than we expected. Peterson's dead hand, or in this case hammer, has reached us from the world beyond and provided our military careers an unexpected, and rather violent twist. That kind of twist you apply to a chicken's head when you are about to cook a soup. The scientific expedition found out that after Peterson's thorough application of his favorite method of interaction on the surviving aliens and base facilities, there was nothing left to research. Asteroid Omicron-Zeta-734 is a sector-wide source of Mendelevium; a fact that is relatively unknown to general public. It's also quite small, uninteresting piece of rock, and it becomes even more so with each passing year you have to stay there and dig your way through the remainder of your sanity. I know that better than anyone else - but that is, my friends, completely different story. A story I will be happy to tell, if only someone was kind enough to buy another round.

Archeology v1.01
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